When Jordan Greene entered the hospital with staff infection, the doctors told her that if she had waited one more day, she would have had her leg amputated. Having dealt with the neglect by her mother, Jordan found herself in the hospital thanks to the intervention of her godmother. But this close call was just the beginning of her journey. She enrolled at a therapeutic boarding school in Oregon only to end up becoming traumatized.

After this ordeal, she came to Youth Bridge and entered the Transitional Living Program, which ran until 2015. Staff enrolled her in school as well as secured clothing and other necessary items. They also worked with her on social skills and life skills such as cooking and working with a budget.

“My time at Youth Bridge was spent healing. I felt really supported, and the staff had my best interest at heart,” she said. “I love Youth Bridge because they help a lot of people especially teenagers and children, who are the most vulnerable. They try to help them work with their issues and become better individuals so they can be more successful in life.”

Currently, Jordan is studying psychology at the University of Arkansas and volunteering for the Youth Bridge program, Mentoring Connection.

“Youth Bridge had done so much in my life that I wanted to give back,” she said. “A lot of people forget what it’s like to be a teenager, especially one who doesn’t have normalcy like most people. So to be there for someone else like people were there for me was really important.”

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