Bully Buster Program provides awareness for the need to have preventative measures in the schools while providing children, parents and educators resources to assist them, as well as counseling services in the schools.

How is Bullying effecting our lives and our youth?

Bullying in the schools have reached epic proportions and is one of the leading causes for mental health illnesses such as, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, self-destruction and mutilation, and even suicide. Over the next seven (7) minutes, a young person will be bullied and it may be your own son or daughter, or someone else you know. Only four out of 100 adults will put a stop to it and only 11% of a young person’s peers will do anything, leaving the remaining 85% to do nothing. Each day more than 160,000 children will miss school out of fear of being bullied according to National Education Association estimates. According to The Association for Psychological Science, both victims and bullies are more likely to experience poverty, academic failure and job termination in their adulthood, not to mention they are likelier to commit crime and abuse drugs and alcohol. Arkansas ranks as one of the highest percent of high school students involved in physical fights at school and also one of the highest percentages of high school students who missed school because they felt unsafe at school. Unfortunately, while there may be anti-bullying legislation, it is an unfunded mandate requiring schools to have anti-bullying policies, but provides no financial resources to improve the school climate or security.

Source: WalletHub

Youth Bridge clearly understands the challenges these children face daily in school and out of school. Through our School- Based Services, Youth Bridge provides presentations and counseling to help bring awareness about the concerns and impact bullying can have on students. We want to teach positive values with how kids treat one another. We want to help schools develop strategies to build a culture of respect and to prevent bullying before it begins. 

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Contact Nancy Hairston at nhairston@youthbridge.com

For additional information on bullying and what you can do, please visit stopbullying.gov