Change is possible and we are here to help our children succeed


We are here to change the lives of our children by providing preventative services, counseling, and shelter to strengthen families and build stronger communities. Youth Bridge is committed to helping the children in our community. Not only do we want to see a happier and healthier future generation, we want to see families that support one another. We have services and programs available for a range of issues that today’s children are facing.

Suicide: A Danger Facing Our Children

Suicide: A Danger Facing Our Children

By Michael C. Flowers- There’s an old adage that no parent should have to bury their child. Truer words were never spoken. Regardless of age, the event is not wished upon anyone. Unfortunately, some parents are faced with the grim reality of youth suicide. Although...

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Programs & Services

Learn more about the programs and services that Youth Bridge has to offer our youth in need. From Residential to School Based services, we are ready to help.

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Are you looking to volunteer or become a mentor. There are so many ways to get involved with Youth Bridge and the hope that they bring to our area’s youth.

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Donations are the heartbeat that help Youth Bridge continue to serve the youth in our community. Giving back can make a difference in the success of our programs, services & facilities.


Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and speak to the students.

“Hi Michael, thank you for taking time out of your day to come and speak to the students. I think you answered all of their questions and gave them some practical advice as they prepare to enter the “real world”. I really appreciate your passion and dedication to the well-being of adolescents!!”

Thanks For Everything!

“I want to say our Youth Bridge therapist is an incredible individual who is second to none. I have dealt with numerous counselors, and she is the best. She is the real deal and she has the devotion and drive to help the whole family. She went above and beyond to help us all. She is incredible at what she does and is appreciated by my whole family for ALL of her efforts. It’s not just a job to her, she really cares and it shows by her efforts. Thanks for everything.”

Parent of Youth Bridge Client

It was the last hope for me.

“I was sent to Youth Bridge, a drug treatment facility, to get help to regain my control on my addiction and behaviors. It was the last hope for me. While at Youth Bridge, … I have learned how to be high on life (instead of drugs) and how to identify and control my feelings. I believe that I can take many of the values that I have learned here and use them in everyday life.”

Kevin, former Youth Bridge client

For these things, I will be forever grateful.

“Our family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care our child received during her recent illness. The sensitivity and support of your Youth Bridge staff helped us through what was a very difficult time, and we will never forget the kindness. We wish to thank you for the kindness and wisdom during our child’s bout with depression and suicidal ideology. Now that she is out of danger, we think it’s time to give credit where credit is due.
There were times during her treatment that I felt hopeless, but I was always assured that hope was not out of reach. The Youth Bridge therapist went above and beyond her job duties and met with us anytime a crisis developed. She provided us with strategies to use that helped facilitate my child’s healing and helped restore her to a healthy state. For these things, I will be forever grateful.”

Parent of Youth Bridge client

To all the staff for helping me and talking to me when I am upset.

“I want to thank all the Youth Bridge staff for helping me to learn more coping skills and telling me life is worth living. I want to tell everyone who is reading this that I give 100% to all the staff for helping me and talking to me when I am upset.”

Sara, Bell House Resident

Youth Bridge Helps Clients Navigate Difficult Times.

“Youth Bridge is exactly what the name indicates stated “Hayden.” They offer a chance for a better future for young people who missed out because of drug addicted and abusive parents. They are the only organization in the area that offers a comprehensive program giving academic and social support as well as residential and substance abuse support.”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

I could write a book on how Youth Bridge has helped me.

“For 10 years I suffered for pseudo seizures, and even had to quit my job because they became so severe. I have been attending seed digging sessions for about a year, and I have not had a single seizure! I am a better wife, mother, and person because of these sessions.

I could write a book on how Youth Bridge has helped me.”

Parent of Youth Bridge client

I’m not sure how we could make it without Youth Bridge.

“I’m not sure how we could make it without Youth Bridge. We are not trained to help students with some of the problems that they have. These providers help students to cope, which helps them stay in school, which in turn contributes to them graduating and becoming contributing members of society.

I don’t know what we did before they arrived on campus, but I sure hope for our students’ sake, that we never lose them.”

Jeff Lewis, Jasper High School Principal

They have given our staff renewed insight in helping these students.

“Youth Bridge has allowed our students to be more successful in school, improve attendance, and grow individually. They have given our staff renewed insight in helping these students.”

David Dunlap, Jasper Elementary School Principal


We are eternally grateful to our affiliates who have provided support to us.