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Just Imagine-Adopt a Room

Just imagine, for a moment, making a young person feel really special with a room that dreams are built upon.  That’s what you can do by adopting one of the seven (7 ) bedrooms in the Benton County Emergency Shelter  (BCES) for youth that are homeless, runaway, giveaway, or throw away.  Many of these youth under the age of 17 have come from situations that sometimes nightmares are made of.  Sometimes they have lost hope and one little act of kindness or being treated as being special can make all the difference in the world.

The BCES have three bedrooms with 4 beds on the girls wing and there are 4 rooms with three beds each on the boys wing. 
By adopting a room you have the opportunity to make these youth feel special and strengthen the healing process.


  • Groups/individuals provide the labor and resources to decorate their adopted room
  • Provide all materials and supplies to complete the project
  • Recruit your own team for implementing the project
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator on scheduling and room needs
  • Maintain the room for one year with the option of renewing at the end of the year
  • Agree to have plans for design and color approved in advance
  • Agree to sign confidentiality forms
  • Provide maintenance and upkeep for one year

What you get in return

  • A true sense of having done something absolutely wonderful
  • A paque outside the adopted room will be displayed with your name
  • Advertising and Acknowledgement on the Youth Bridge Website, Facebook, and Newsletter
  • Complimentary tickets to select VIP events
  • Discounted tickets to select events
  • Membership in the Heritage Club

For more information, email or call Sandy Reeves, volunteer project manager, at 479-276-0591 or Nancy Hairston, Director of Development Youth Bridge, at 479-575-9471.


New Donation Opportunity

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)!  Any Federal Government –postal carrier, social security worker, or VA employee, etc., can support charitable organizations through payroll deduction.  Youth Bridge has been accepted in the CFC, the only authorized solicitation for employees in the federal workplace.  This year’s campaign opens September 1st and ends December 15th.  The CFC donation number for Youth Bridge is 61956.  Please help us spread the work to our friends who may be employed by the Federal Government!


  • Donation Wish List
  • Send a monetary contribution
    Youth Bridge accepts donations of cash, checks payable to Youth Bridge or by credit card through our Pay Pal account.
  • Donate In-Kind Gifts
    Youth Bridge needs in-kind donations such as home furnishings, household goods, baby items and supplies, school and office supplies, clothing and shoes, equipment, gift certificates for outings or food, books and games.  Please call the Development Office  at 479-575-9471 to schedule a time to drop off an item.
  • Make a Planned Gift
    Please consult your financial advisor or trust officer about making a planned gift through your will or estate plan to benefit and leave a legacy to Youth Bridge.

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