Live United Day At Youth Bridge

On Live United Day, citizens came together in Benton, Madison and Washington Counties for one of the biggest days of volunteering during the year as nonprofits in need had the opportunity to work with these individuals, faith-based organizations and businesses looking to give back.

Youth Bridge was excited to be a part of Live United Day, which include work on a project for the Children’s Campus by a team of 10 people from Cram-a-Lot/JV Manufacturing. The group planted flowers and shrubs in front of the Journey House. According to Belinda Hodges, volunteer team leader, their company has been participating in Live United Day for a decade.  She said, “It’s important for our employees to get out and see the agencies we support.”

Dr. Nancy Hairston, Development Director for Youth Bridge, was happy about the collaboration.

“Volunteers are the backbone of our agency as well as most nonprofits, who are clearly under resourced,” she said. “Without this valuable asset, our communities would not be as rich.  Someone who commits their time and energy is doing so because they truly care, not because of a paycheck. Youth Bridge is blessed to have over 460 volunteers that have given 1,695 hours of services. Our mission is furthered by our special partnerships with volunteers and enough cannot be said about the importance of them. We are very honored to have been chosen by JV Manufacturing for this year’s Live United Day. They did a great job and truly made a contribution to the Children’s Campus.”

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